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From the House Committee

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the New Year’s Eve party. We are really fortunate to have such a great group of member volunteers that can put together such a wonderful festive event for all to enjoy! 2016 was a great year at the 449 and we anticipate 2017 being even better. We have been having issues with getting the newsletter out before the beginning of the month, or at all. We are working diligently to rectify this problem. Thank you all for understanding. Remember, the majority of what we do is Volunteered time. We always welcome help!!

We are looking for some new ideas to change things up a bit. One thing being discussed is putting together a “Dinner Committee” for our Wednesday night meals. The thought is having volunteers prepare the dinners, as in getting a group of 2-4 people together to plan and prepare the dinner changing up the menus. We definitely have a lot of great cooks at the 449. The lodge kitchen will be available to prepare the meals. Just an idea at this point.

Also along the same lines, Michelle has been so great at hosting the Trivia nights, Family Feud, Lip Sync Battle, etc. and most recently Dirty Santa. We need new ideas and other who can help with these events. We all know our ER is Super Woman, but we need for her to share the limelight. Thank you everyone for making the 449 a wonderful and fun experience for everyone!


Deena Oates

House Committee Secretary

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