Lodge Officers

Exalted Ruler

Don Hamby

Esteemed Leading Knight

Joe Knight

Esteemed Loyal Knight

Betty Ann Keener​

Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Eddie Allen


Stephen Callaway, PDDGER-West Central, N.C. #6720 (June)
4341 Oak Glen Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
Home: 336-788-8981
Office: 336-768-0222
Cell: 336-682-2388
Email:  ascjdc@aol.com 


Mary Kay Hauser


Michael Curran


Pat Russell

Inner Guard

Dale Loggins


Kimberly Millwood, PER 


Presiding Justice

Heather Kiger

Alternate Rep to Grand Lodge

Mike Curran

Board of Directors

Chairman      ​Randy Zigmund

Secretary      Connie Shoaf 

Trustee          Heather Kiger 1 year

Trustee          Hollis Boardman 2 year

Trustee          Charlie Davis 3 year

Trustee          Connie Shoaf 4 year

Trustee          Randy Zigmund 5 year

Member         Don Hamby

Member         Eddie Allen

Member         Joe Knight

Member         Betty Ann Keener

House Committee

Chairman        Mark Kozlowski

Member           Pat Darnell

Member           Mary Nolder

Member           Eleanor Krupowicz

Member           Jackie Perrone

Committee Chairs

Auditing & Accounting

Tom Pyrbylo 

Public Relations Subcomittee

Joseph Hamby

Youth Activities Subcomittee

Kim Sink

Hoop Shoot® Subcommittee

Mark Kozlowski

Drug Awareness Subcommittee

Brenda French

Fraternal Committee

Betty Ann Keener

Americanism Subcommittee

Randy Zigmund

Elks National Foundation Subcommittee

Stephen Calloway

Flag Day Subcommittee

Eddie Allen

Elks Memorial Day Subcommittee

Mike Curran, PSP

Membership Subcommittee

Karen Chappell

Veterans Services Subcommittee

Eddie Allen

Accident Prevention

Hollis Boardman

PER Association

Michael Curran

Government Relations Subcommittee

Pat Russell, PSP

State Major Project Subcommittee

Pat Russell, PSP


Joseph Hamby

Lodge Bulletin

Joseph Hamby


Mike Curran, PSP

Senior Services

Randy Zigmund


Stephen Callaway, PDDGER


Kathleen Delmonte


Mike Curran, PSP


Karen Ann Chappell



Pool Committee

Joe Knight

Golf Program

Eddie Garrett

Lounge Activities

Kim Sink

Atrium Coordinator

Don Hamby

2585 Griffith Rd, Winston-Salem NC 27103       (336) 768-0222     support@wselks449.com

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